Guide How to Book Your Product

1: Login or Sign up:

This is the first step where you can login or signup to continue

2: Fill out the Form:

Fill out the form and put all the details that are necessary to complete process

3: OTP Confirmation Email:

An email is sent to your email address that was entered while signing up.

4: Verify Email:

This is the first step where you can login or signup to continue

5: Verify Account:

After clicking verify account button the page will redirect for OTP verification.

6: Enter OTP:

After entering the OTP code click on the (Send OTP ) button.

7: Dashboard:

After successfully login you can redirect to our dashboard

8: Account View:

This is the account view where you can see all the details of your booking.

9: Add Product to Cart:

Add Product to cart after hover on image and select required product to take.

10: View Cart:

Click on the cart icon on the top right corner to View items details

11: Checkout page:

After choosing items you can process to checkout page for further details .

12: Place order page:

By click on place order button you can simply redirect to place order page.

13: Print Invoice:

Click on the print invoice button to print the official agreement form that can be used as a hard form.

14: Dashboard History:

Here you can view your invoice id , request date and furthor more details about your product.

15: Tracking:

This tab represents all details about your trasaction process in further steps which can be viewed below

16: Bank Receipt:

Step 1 :

17: Account Verification:

Step 2 :

18: Sample Verification:

Step 3 :

19: Proceed Lab:

Step 4 :

20: Result Uploaded:

Step 5 :

21: Final Step:

Step 6 :