Quality Assurance Lab of Forward Sports (Pvt) Ltd.

Looking Forward to Quality

Quality Assurance Lab of Forward Sports was founded in 2000 by Mr. Khwaja Masood Akhtar with the mission of giving sustainable and high added value solutions in support services in finish goods testing of soccer balls, bags and material testing. QA lab Forward Sports is world leading expert in soccer balls and gear bags and material testing.

We have grown from small turf testing company into an advanced, modern sports technology testing laboratory such as

  • FIFA inspected
  • FIFA approved
  • International Match ball Standards (IMS)
  • Finish Good Testing of bags and balls as per Adidas standards
  • Wearable technologies and materials with ISO-Standards.

We are the most extensive sports surface product testing facility globally for more than 20 years’ experience in the material testing industry.

About Us
About Us
About Us

In March 2022, QA Lab of Forward Sports is officially received the certificate of accreditation of ISO/IEC-17025:2017 from “Pakistan National Accreditation Council”. QA lab of Forward Sports is the first ever accredited lab around the globe who can perform finish good test of soccer balls.

PNAC Intro:

Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC), established in 1998 after signing WTO agreement in 1995, under the administrative control of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan as the national apex body to accredit conformity assessment bodies such as Laboratories (Testing, Calibration and Medical), Inspection Bodies and Certification Bodies. PNAC has achieved Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) signatory status for Testing and Calibration Laboratories form International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) signatory status for Quality Management System, Environment Management System, and Product Certification for International Accreditation Forum (IAF). PNAC has also secured regional MRA signatory status with Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC). By virtue of these recognitions, Certificates/Reports issued by accredited Conformity Bodies are “ACCEPTED AROUND THE WORLD”.

R & D and Innovation:

QA Lab of Forward Sports support new developments and technologies with in the industry, working closely with key industrial partners, universities and governing bodies to develop appropriate testing requirements for technological advancements. We have earned respect for proven ability to create test protocols and apparatus that push industry surfacing and technology product to the highest technology and performance level. Our work is publishing in different various governing body specification and is use to inform decisions at international committee levels.

Soccer Balls:

Here below are just some of the tests we carry out to ensure ball compliance and performance.

  • Sphericity
  • Circumference
  • Loss of pressure
  • Durability
  • Shape retention
  • Water retention
  • We also offer quality control and monitoring.

Gear Bags :

We carry out tests to ensure gear bags compliance and performance. Test included are

  • Volume Measurement
  • Printing durability
  • Seam strength
  • Clip buckle strength
  • Weight bearing strength
  • We also offer quality control and monitoring.

Raw Material:

Weight, Thickness, Tensile Strength, Trouser tear and split tear strength, water bearing strength, abrasion resistance and just some of the test we carry out to ensure material’s quality.

Lab Capability (accredited -IEC/ISO-17025)
Test No. Test Name Test Reference Product
1 Trouser Tear Strength and Split Tear ST-02 Raw Material
2 Tensile Strength Test ST-03 Raw Material
3 Aging in high temperature and humidity conditions FGT-01 Ball
4 Ball Weight FGT-35 Ball
5 Circumference & Sphericity Measurement FGT-37 Ball
6 Loss of pressure FGT-38 Ball
7 Rebound Test at RT & at 50C FGT-39 Ball
8 Dynamic water absorption FGT-40 Ball
9 Shooter Test (Durability) FGT-41 Ball
10 Abrasion resistance on panels FGT-43 Ball
11 Drum Test & Dynamic water uptake test (only for airless mini-ball) FGT-50 Ball
12 Volume Measurement of Bags FGT-45 Bag
13 sHandle jerk test FGT-53 Bag
14 Zipper + seam strength test FGT-55 Bag
15 Clip Buckle Strength test FGT-62 Bag
16 Printing Test FGT-65 Bag
17 Seam Strength test for bags FGT-73 Bag
Lab Capability (Non-accredited)
Test No. Test Name Test Reference Test No. Test Name Test Reference
1 PVC Proof test (Material identification test) GE-01 29 Seam Strength ST-05
2 Thickness GE-05 30 Upper film delaminated Strength ST-06
3 GSM (weight in gram per square meter) GE-07 31 Backing fiber delaminated strength ST-06
4 Hydrolysis test. GE-08 32 Strength Test of Zippers ST-16
5 Hardness test Shore A GE-09 33 Fastness evaluation FT-00
6 Hardness test Shore D GE-09 34 Migration Test FT-02
7 Hardness test Shore C GE-09 35 Heat Aging FT-07
8 Hardness test Shore F GE-09 36 Courtauld Test FT-08
9 Resilience elasticity testing GE-12 37 Color migration with multi fiber FT-10
10 compression set test GE-13 38 Color migration with multi fiber FT-11
11 Density of foam GE-14 39 Color fastness test by Crocking FT-12
12 Static Water Absorption GE-18 40 End Pick of cloth. FWD-01
13 Flexometer Test GE-24 41 Latex dipping test FWD-02
14 Taber Abrasion test GE-28 42 Shininess Test FWD-03
15 Abrasion test of printing on Veslic tester GE-29 43 Contact Angle value of Material upper surface FWD-04
16 Number of Ply GE-32 44 Circumference test of bladder FWD-05
17 Number of twists of one Yarn GE-33 45 Nozzle test FWD-06
18 Light density of one yarn GE-34 47 Air retention test FWD-07
19 Viscosity of liquids GE-36 47 Valve assembly test FWD-08
20 Aging test GE-37 48 Hydrolysis test (To check color migration) FWD-09
21 Adhesion of Cardboard GE-39 49 Stud Testing of Carcass FWD-10
22 Water Absorption of Carton GE-40 50 Tape Test FWD-11
23 Spray testing of water repellent fabric GE-54 51 Force plate test FWD-12
24 Martindale Abrasion Test GE-63 52 200X Digital Magnifier FWD-12
25 Twist resistance of Puller GE-72 53 Fungus Test FWD-14
26 Reciprocating testing of zipper GE-78 54 impact test FWD-16
27 Edge compressing resistance GE-81 55 UV-Light fastness test FGT-04
28 Tensile Strength ratio at 3%, 5% and 10% ST-03 56 Color Measurement FGT-42
57 Migration Fastness at finish goods FGT-82

Salient Features: